Thursday, 21 June 2007

To Gain My Attention....

And forgiveness after doing something silly like not leaving your favourite girl 5 stars you can do no better than my bestest sugar daddy!
After pressing the wrong button by mistake,i got a ton of wishlist gifts,an apology...

"Arghhh!!! I Can Not Believe that I screwwd up this bad!! I would Never Never leave 2 stars for my Angel. She is PERFECT I tell you. I am just a screw up and I can not apologize enough to my princess. Now to be fair it is partially her fault for breaking my brain with her amazing Hotness in that last call. However I am still responsible for this travesty or justice! I can't believe I hit the number 2 button. Damn you number 2 button! Arghh! I am Sorry Sorry Sorry princess please forgive me It will never happen again."

....And my yummy little asshole licked for hours until I was satisfied! ;p
Of course,you don't have to make a mistake to do all those things-you can do them cos you just want to! Hee hee!