Saturday, 30 June 2007

Hee Hee,How Spoilt Am I?

I have a new little English piggy,and an awesome American sugar daddy,who,between the two of them,have spent the whole morning spoiling me!
As my sugar daddy says-
"What a girl. I feel obligated to spend my money on this perfect lil English Princess"
Although,who can blame them,I know you guys just can't resist! ;p
Call me now and see why.....

Monday, 25 June 2007

Dare You Take The Challenge?

How long do you think you can last? Looking at my perfect body,listening to my sweet little English voice,hearing how hot I sound when I cum....hard!
Well,now you can find out.Over 60 of you have already taken Angels Orgasm Challenge-now,are you man enough.....?
Click the button,and you can find out!

Thursday, 21 June 2007

To Gain My Attention....

And forgiveness after doing something silly like not leaving your favourite girl 5 stars you can do no better than my bestest sugar daddy!
After pressing the wrong button by mistake,i got a ton of wishlist gifts,an apology...

"Arghhh!!! I Can Not Believe that I screwwd up this bad!! I would Never Never leave 2 stars for my Angel. She is PERFECT I tell you. I am just a screw up and I can not apologize enough to my princess. Now to be fair it is partially her fault for breaking my brain with her amazing Hotness in that last call. However I am still responsible for this travesty or justice! I can't believe I hit the number 2 button. Damn you number 2 button! Arghh! I am Sorry Sorry Sorry princess please forgive me It will never happen again."

....And my yummy little asshole licked for hours until I was satisfied! ;p
Of course,you don't have to make a mistake to do all those things-you can do them cos you just want to! Hee hee!

Thursday, 14 June 2007

Calling All Sugar Daddies......

Cos you know a spoilt girl like me can never have too many!
I know all it takes is my sweet little English voice whispering in your ear,or the promise of my yummy,young pussy on your tongue,and you'll give me anything I want.
My bestest sugar daddy has been spoiling me rotten recently,with all kinds of gifts off my wishlist,and,as a reward,he gets to lick and suck my tight pink pussy,and tiny pink asshole till I squirt on his face!
Now,don't you wish I'd do that to you too......

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Your Face Here!

Hee Hee-go on-you know you want to!

And I know you all can't get enough of spoiling me! Check out my updated wishlist,perfect for any Sugar Daddies who want to make me happy-you know a girl can never have enough toys......

Click here for my Amazon wishlist!