Thursday, 13 December 2007

I Made The Postman Blush....

Hee hee,he was all confused as to who the "English Princess" was,then he realised when he saw me! ;p
Anyway,thankyou SugarDaddy4Princess for getting my pressies out to me soooooo quick-you are awesome,and I have a special treat for you.
Now I can't wait to play my new games and watch my dvds-especially the Eagles one,as that is the tour I went to see them on,and they were just amazing.
There's still plenty of time to add to my Christmas gift pile,so go check out my wishlist and make me even happier :)
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Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Thankyou Sugar Daddy!

My lovely SugarDaddy4Princess just went and bought me a ton of 'licious pressies-Yay!
The 2 games I wanted,(including the one for my pink DS,also a gift from SugarDaddy!),the CSI dvd and the Eagles dvd.
I cannot wait to watch them!
Don't forget,there's still time to send my a Christmas pressie.....or an anytime pressie-you know I love being spoilt :)
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Monday, 10 December 2007

Yay! I Love Pressies!

Did I mention,I *love* pressies? ;p
No sooner had I set my tree up,did I start getting some lovely things to put underneath it! I still have no idea who sent the books,but I know who sent the CSI dvds ! My UK Sugar Daddy-thankyou darling!
I have put a few more bits onto my wishlist,including the next series of CSI Vegas (my fave show!!!!!)
So if you want to make me smile,go check it out-I will post piccies of me with the items here,plus you will get some special pics of your own.
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